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Saturday, June 16, 2018

The Arrest of Tommy Robinson Will Fuel Worldwide Populism!!!

Friday, June 15, 2018


The result of the Lewisham East by-election was a comfortable win for Labour, with 50.2% of the vote, and a resurgence for the Liberal Democrats, who pushed past the Tories to come second with 24.6% (having come third in the 2017 general election). The Tories polled 14.3%, coming third.

The result for UKIP was dismal. They managed only 1.7%. For a party that once saw itself as being on a par with the Liberal Democrats, this is a shattering result. But UKIP will survive the blow due to the dedication of its ordinary members. The UKIP campaign was not aided by the subversive chatter and activities of certain of its MEPs.

Two UKIP splinter parties also stood. The Democrats and Veterans Party polled a puny 0.3% (only 67 votes), which is not a surprise given its political stance.

The For Britain Movement, another UKIP splinter group, who fielded their leader – a former candidate for UKIP in this constituency – had high hopes. In the event, they polled only 1.2% (just 266 votes). This low vote might be typical for a fringe party, but given that For Britain fielded their strongest candidate on her home turf and still did so poorly, indicates that they will do worse elsewhere.

This poor result for what might be loosely termed as the patriotic cause comes at a time when there have been demonstrations attended by many thousands in favour of free speech and in protest against the petty, vindictive imprisonment of a leading campaigner. It comes at a time when the Tories have abandoned Brexit in favour of Brino, and are in the process of increasing immigration.

Gerard Batten, the leader of UKIP, has publicly stated, rightly, that there needs to be a democratic outlet for peoples’ angst and that it is only the prospect of losing elections that will galvanize the ruling parties to take notice. This result shows that there is no capable political party able to so fulfil that role at present.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

#FreeTommy - the British people rise up!

DFLA Manchester - Great Support for Tommy Robinson

Thursday, May 31, 2018



The English Rights Campaign has published a number of items on the British Inquisition since this blog was created. Over the years, a number of people have fallen victim to the politically-correct thought police, who have grown ever more extreme in their zealotry.

Recently, Tommy Robinson was arrested and imprisoned. He was arrested while he was reporting outside a court where a number of Muslims were awaiting the jury verdict for alleged grooming and rape offences (to put it generally).

When arrested by a number of police officers, Tommy Robinson was told that it was for breaching the peace. His team were unable to locate him and were informed by his lawyers that they had been told that he had been let free. His team had attended the police station where the police denied knowledge of his arrest.

After many hours, there was a tip off that Tommy Robinson was listed to appear in front of the judge who had been presiding over the rape trial. He had not been released, but was in fact now charged with contempt of court. The judge sentenced Tommy Robinson to 13 months in prison, and Tommy Robinson was immediately dispatched to Hull prison where he remains.

The judge then imposed a D-notice gagging order on all reporting of his actions and of Tommy Robinson's plight.

Had not his team been tipped off, then Tommy Robinson would simply have been disappeared.

This disgraceful state of affairs led to worldwide protests, from even as far away as Israel and Australia. Angry protesters demonstrated outside Downing Street. And rightly so.

Given the international furore and its futility, the D-notice was revoked.

This episode is a reminder of the extremism of the politically correct, and that British justice has been respected due to the jury system -- and not because of the judiciary.

It will be seen if justice will prevail, or if the government manages to ignore the national and international outrage.

Interview w/ Tommy's Team - What Happened That Day



Tommy Robinson Sent to Prison

Rebel Media FIGHTS UK gag order on Tommy Robinson news

Thursday, April 26, 2018

When The English Began To Hate : The Multicultural Death Blow

Tuesday, February 06, 2018


It would now seem that the powers-that-be are corrupting the democratic process (see below). What does 'and its duties as a public body' mean? What does 'indirectly discriminatory' mean? It is the nature of political parties that they try to appeal to their target audience.

This has been dragging on for weeks and is now set to drag on for weeks more while the Electoral Commission tries to think of an objection.

Abuse of legal powers to stop the exercise of democratic rights of those deemed to be right wing is wrong.

Tommy Robinson Sues the Media

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Anne Marie Waters at Conway Hall 9/11/2017